Landmarks Preservation Commission

The Landmarks Preservation Commission safeguards the Town’s historic and cultural resources through its land marked structures and historic districts. This State of Florida Certified Commission reviews and approves structural and landscape modifications to Designated structures and properties. This commission is comprised of seven regular and three alternate members, who are registered voters of the Town of Palm Beach and appointed by the town council, and who have, to the highest extent practicable, a special knowledge of and a known interest in landmarks preservation. One commissioner may be a non-registered voter who possesses specific knowledge or skills directly related to the preservation of historic structures or property. Download Application.

Garden Club of Palm Beach Going Native Brochure

Garden Club of Palm Beach Native Plant List

Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

Properties that are Landmarked in the Town

Town of Palm Beach Historic Site Survey prepared by Environmental Services, Inc. (December 2020)

Members of this board/commission must be registered voters in the Town of Palm Beach. Applicants must attach a copy of both sides of their Voter Registration card with their application. Failure to provide the copy of the required voter registration card shall be grounds for rejection of the application.

Current Members

Richard Rene Silvin, Chairman

Sue Patterson, Vice Chairman

Jacqueline Albarran, Architect, Member

Patrick W. Segraves, Architect, Member

Kim Coleman, Member

Brittain Damgard, Member

Anne Fairfax, Member

Anne G. Metzger, Alternate Member

Fernando Wong, Alternate Member

Bridget Moran, Alternate Member

Meeting Agendas & Back-up Documents

Search and view to Commission meeting agendas and documents.