Strategic Priority: Community Culture and Character

 Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Quality of Life | Our lifestyle is sustained by the preservation of our community beauty through its built and natural environment; management of traffic, parking, and mobility impacts; enjoyment of cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities; expectations for respectful community conduct; and a safe and secure community. 
  • Preserve Community Culture and Character | The Town promotes the small-town feel of Palm Beach by preserving its exceptional architectural character, rich history, unique character, and historic commercial districts and businesses. 

Strategic Objectives:

  • Update the comprehensive plan to support long-term planning, sustainability, and quality of life. 
  • Support and preserve historical sites and landmarks.
  • Plan for and manage growth, development, and redevelopment to maintain Palm Beach’s small-town feel and integrity as a distinctive, vibrant coastal community. 
  • Support the community to live happier, healthier, and longer lives through educational and recreational programming and partnerships.
  • Create a town-wide culture among employees that mirrors the community’s culture of graciousness, kindness, and exceptionalism through operational alignment of the Town's Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan.
  • Engage in a comprehensive, proactive review, and update of the Town’s zoning code.
  • Proactively address the impacts of development decisions occurring outside the Town to minimize adverse impacts to residents. 
  • Renovate Phipps Ocean Park renovation.