Strategic Priority: Environmental Stewardship

Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Proactive Management of Environmental Threats | The Town creates resilience to environmental (natural and man-made) threats by identifying and planning for immediate and future threats such as climate change impacts, pollution from pesticides and chemicals, invasive species, sewage/stormwater/garbage impacts, and intrusive new technologies.
  • Promote sustainable management and enhancement of the Town of Palm Beach’s outstanding parks and natural environment through conservation and environmental protection.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Continue making land-related decisions in harmony with the natural environment, always considering green space, beautification, and impacts on habitats and wildlife.
  • Ensure biodiversity including coastal, marine, terrestrial, and water ecosystems are protected and restored through environmental awareness education, promoting healthy landscape practices, encouraging the use of native fauna and flora, and reducing the use of chemical pesticides.
  • Optimize technology and prioritize digitalization to reduce environmental impact including online recreational registration, permit processing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and support paperless and cloud-based transactions, activities, and operations.  
  • Encourage procurement practices that lead to the purchase of green products, modify purchasing requirements to encourage green-friendly products, and Green Initiative product sourcing and sustainable purchasing.
  •  Increase awareness of environmental landscaping practices. 
  • Continue to identify and implement actions and standards that are in keeping with the Town’s Green Initiative including 'greener' practices including smart irrigation, energy-efficient equipment, and implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Town parks, fields, and golf course.
  • Evaluate sister municipalities and trade recommendations as it relates to equipment, industry labor, and standardization of materials.
  • Maintain Town grounds and Rights-of-Way in an efficient and cost-effective manner, while striving to improve its appearance, and in keeping with the Town’s Green Initiative Program. 
  • Earn the Clean Marina Designation. 
  • Establish new programs supporting the Town’s Green Initiatives such as Hole in One Honey and Earth Day education (native plants, environmental best practices list).
  • Preserve natural vegetation and trees.
  • Coordinate with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) to develop Sea Turtle Rescue response plans and explore the possibility for Town responders to be certified.
  • Optimize vehicle and equipment replacement with consideration for environmentally friendly options.
  • Limit the Town’s liability through exploration of vendor information verification. 
  • Create opportunities for native plant education and gardening.
  • Explore natural landscaping opportunities (i.e., kindness rock garden project) in Activity Court. 
  • Propagate native flora and fauna at Lake Drive Park.