Department Information

The Palm Beach Police Department is dedicated to: 

  • the prevention of crime and the protection of life and property;
  • the preservation of peace, order and safety;
  • the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and,
  • the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees



We, the members of the Palm Beach Police Department, are committed to achieving the highest possible quality of life for the community, of which we are an integral part, and are resolved to providing the highest levels of protection and service through community partnerships based on honesty, trust, fairness, compassion, respect, cooperation and shared vision.

Organization Values

We realize that people are the key factor in both the quality of a community and in the effectiveness of an organization. Therefore, we pledge to recruit, train, educate, compensate, develop, and lead the people of the Palm Beach Police Department in a way that promotes honesty, trust, integrity, commitment, courage, technical proficiency, communication, flexibility, innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, courtesy, empowerment, vision, strength, compassion, confidence, perseverance and teamwork.

Our success shall hinge on turning these values into action.