Department Organization

Palm Beach Police Department ORGANIZATION

The Palm Beach Police Department is organized into components which are grouped according to the functions they are designed to carry out. Levels of authority and responsibility within these components are established by rank and position. The order of command for sworn personnel is: Chief of Police, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Police Officer.

The department is divided into the Law Enforcement and Support Services components.  Law Enforcement is commanded by the rank of Major and Support Services is managed by a civilian Support Services Manager.  The Major and Support Services Manager report directly to the Chief of Police.  Each component is divided into units which are grouped according to the functions for which they are responsible.

Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is the Chief Executive Officer of the Department. The Chief of Police develops, organizes, coordinates, and directs all functions within the organization in the absence of the Chief of Police, the Major assumes the duties of the Chief of Police.

Professional Standards Unit

The Professional Standards Lieutenant conducts inspections and investigates complaints assigned by the Chief of Police. The Lieutenant is responsible for ensuring that all employees meet professional and ethical standards of conduct both while performing their official duties and in their personal lives.

Complaints may be received in person, via written correspondence, telephone calls, or anonymously.  Please call (561) 838-5454 and ask to speak with the Patrol Commander on duty or download the Citizen Complaint Form for further instructions.