Town Officials

Incorporated on April 17, 1911, the Town of Palm Beach is governed under a council-manager form of government by an elected mayor and a five member Town Council. The Mayor, who is elected directly by the voters and serves two-year terms, holds unique powers as the town’s ombudsman and intergovernmental leader and is not a member of the governing body. The five members of the Town Council are elected at large, on a non-partisan basis, and serve overlapping two year terms.

The Town Council is the governing body and meets monthly in regular session for purposes of setting policy and carrying out the legislative matters of the town. The Council also holds special meetings, as needed, and is responsible for appointing members to serve on the various town boards and commissions.

The Town Manager, a professional manager, acts as the chief administrative officer for the town and is appointed annually by the governing body. The Town Manager appoints and supervises the senior management team.