Architectural Commission Review


ARCOM developed from the Art Jury, which was established in the 1920’s to safeguard the Town’s architecture. An article in the Palm Beach Daily News noted: “To the visitor here there is always an air of serenity. Back of that exterior there is constantly at work brains and brawn that go to create this unique and most individual of all resort communities…this serenity upon the surface made possible by most able co-operation and co-ordination of every chap who has a home here and the executive working force of that sentiment is particularly manifested in this Art Jury, created for the express purpose of protecting property owners and the beauty of Palm Beach.”

The original members of the Art Jury included architects Addison Mizner, Marion Sims Wyeth, Maurice Fatio, engineer Halpin Smith and landscape architect Charles Perroechet.

Goal of Architectural Commission Review

The Architectural Commission Ordinance states that “The essential foundation of beauty in communities is harmony.” The role of the Commission is to ensure that projects:

• Create harmony

• Do not disrupt the aesthetic quality of their surroundings

• Achieve a balance with the neighboring properties

• Are in harmony with the proposed developments on land in the general area

• Are appropriate in relation to the established character of other structures in the immediate area or neighboring areas in respect to significant design features

• Will provide the ultimate designers of individual structures with the larger contexts in which their particular works will be viewed.

Architecural Commission Membership

ARCOM reviews and approves modifications to any existing structures visible from public rights-of-way, new construction, and landscaping. The seven members and three alternate members are Town registered voters appointed by the Town Council. At least 2 and up to 3 of the members must be licensed architects of which 1 must be a licensed landscape architect or a master gardener. The remaining members should have knowledge or interest in architecture, planning, development, landscaping, real estate, etc..