The Town has many available outlets for residents and business owners to receive information before, during, and after a storm event. As pertinent storm information becomes available, the following information outlets will be updated.

The Town’s rumor control hotline at 561-227-7070. This hotline is activated only during emergency storm events. Recorded information about returning to the Island after a storm has passed can be obtained by calling toll free, within the United States, 1-866-372-4150 and locally 561-273-4150 . This line is activated only during emergency storm events.

Please sign up for “Hurricane Alerts” by clicking on the “Stay Informed” button on the home page and follow the prompts to register your email and cell phone number to receive the latest information about an approaching storm.

For additional information, please call and leave a message at 561-227-6304 during non-emergency periods or send an e-mail to and a member of the Town staff will contact you.