About ParkMobile and How to Use It

ParkMobile logoParkMobile, a parking solutions technology, is available in Palm Beach as the primary method of paid parking. This service allows drivers to pay for parking with their smartphones using ParkMobile’s mobile application. Learn more about Palm Beach's ParkMobile program.

After setting up your ParkMobile account, residents of the Town of Palm Beach may complete a transaction fee waiver application to be eligible for a waiver from the $0.35 cent ParkMobile transaction fee. Only residents of the Town of Palm Beach are eligible to receive this waiver.


  1. Download the ParkMobile app & register for freePB ParkMobile sign
  2. Once registered, use the app to enter in the Zone# listed on the signs & stickers & Space# to start a parking session
  3. To pay by phone instead, please call 1 (877) 727-5714
  4. That's it!  You can also opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes prior to your parking expiring & extend parking remotely

Shop, dine & enjoy the ease of paying for parking by phone


  • Set up multiple cars in your profile
  • Find My Car
  • 15-minute expiration alerts
  • Remote parking duration extension
  • Save favorite and recently used parking zones

Demo Video: Using the ParkMobile app

For more information and assistance, visit the ParkMobile website.