Special Collection Service

Special Collection (Pick-up) Service 

Service Information 

Special Collection (Pick-up) Service is offered throughout the Town to dispose of white goods and other bulk items that cannot be placed in dumpsters or for regular garbage service. Service is only offered on Fridays and is on a first-come first-serve basis. Service needs to be scheduled in advance by contacting the Public Works Department at (561) 838-5440.


Special Pick-ups are a fee-based service. Payment must be received at the time of pick-up by check, payable to the Town of Palm Beach. Payment can be made in advance at Town Hall by check only or a check can be left with the items the day of pick-up. The fee is based on the size of the load, and fee rates are priced based on one quarter (1/4) truck loads. 1/4 Truck = $105.60, 1/2 Truck = $211.20, 3/4 Truck = $316.80, Full Truck = $420. If you would like, estimates are available and can be made in advance of pick-up scheduling, however it is to be requested at least two (2) days prior to the scheduled pick-up date. 

Item Placement 

All items must be outside of the dwelling/garage, and not in the right-of-way (road or sidewalk). If the location is a condominium, the management of the building will designate the outdoor area for placement for service, most often by the dumpsters. Staff is not permitted in enclosed structures (i.e., homes, garages, apartments, etc.).

Eligible Items 

Examples of some items eligible for pick-up service are as follows:

  • Furniture, mattresses, chairs, sofas, tables, etc. 
  • Lawn chairs, tables, planter pots 
  • Miscellaneous home goods (i.e., toasters, refrigerators (no larger than residential double wide), ovens (residential size), TV's, microwaves, lamps, carpeting (no longer than 8 feet, rolled up and tied) 
  • Packing boxes that you do not want to break down and recycle. Note: packing peanuts (Styrofoam bits) must be in garbage bags or secured in boxes.
  • Shelving, broken doors, broken mirrors, or broken tiles (must be in a bag or box)

Ineligible Items 

Some ineligible items are as follows:

  • Construction debris 
  • Concrete 
  • Hazardous materials (i.e., car batteries, propane tanks, fluorescent lights, gasoline, paint) 
  • Yard debris 


  1. Anticipated time of arrivals are unavailable. Staff schedules their route the day of pick-ups. 
  2. There are no scheduled pick-ups during Town holidays.