How do I submit Residential or Business Contact Information to the Palm Beach Police Department?

The Town of Palm Beach Police Department is implementing a new way for businesses and residents to update the information that is kept on file to reach a representative should they be needed. Owners will be able to go to our website at under “How Do I”, “Register For” to fill out either our residential or business information forms to mail, fax, or drop off directly to the Police Department. These forms ask for owner information, those authorized with a key to respond out should the owner not be available, any gate or access codes to the property and companies authorized on the property such as landscapers, construction, housekeepers, etc.  This information is essential to have on file and kept up to date so that the Police Department and Fire Rescue Department can reach an authorized representative who can respond to the scene within 30 minutes.

This information will be stored securely by the Police Department Communications Unit and accessible only to police and fire rescue personnel. To verify the information provided, we ask for two forms of identification linking the owner to the property and sent with the residential or business information form, such as driver’s licenses, business rental agreements, vehicle registration, or a bill associated with the owner and the property.

Click here to fill out: Residential Information Fillable Form

Click here to fill out: Business Information Fillable Form

FAX TO:   561-835-4736

Attn: Communication Supervisors


Communications Supervisors

Palm Beach Police Department

345 S. County Road

Palm Beach, FL 33480

We ask that all residents and businesses participate in this program to ensure we have the most up to date information.  For any inquiries, please reach out to Telecommunicator Brittany McGary at or Telecommunications Supervisor Marlene Peralta at

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