Green Initiative and Sustainability

The Town of Palm Beach cares about environmental sustainability. It has created a Green Initiative, which includes ordinances, practices, and programs to protect our vibrant coastal community's natural, exceptional environment. In 2018, the Town partnered with the Garden Club of Palm Beach and the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach to host an educational program  - “Where have all the Song Birds Gone.”  This program educated residents on best practices that they can implement to keep gardens that are both beautiful and healthy in order to sustain vital habitats for butterflies, birds, and other essential pollinators critical to the planet’s overall health.  The use of native plants curtails the need for pesticides, thus supporting the healthy environment that our pollinators need to thrive.

Where Have All The Songbirds Gone? 2024


Interested in learning more about resources, policies, and practices that support the Green Initiative? Please visit these links:

Councilmember Bobbie Lindsay provided the following websites as resources she uses at the October 10, 2023 Town Council Meeting: