Employment Verification

The Human Resources Department frequently receives requests from outside organizations for Town of Palm Beach employment verification. 

Requests associated with Town of Palm Beach Employees may be emailed. If you are seeking information for employees of Palm Beach County, visit the County online here.

Human Resources will not release information protected by law for public safety and other public record exempt employees without the employee’s consent.

Mortgage Verification

If you are applying for a mortgage, the bank will send us a request for employment verification. Written verifications are processed in the order they are received and may take up to 5 business days for processing. If records are required from archive to prepare the verification, additional time will be required to prepare an accurate verification. Requests may be emailed.  A copy of the release form will be kept in your personnel file.

General Verification

Human Resources, at the request of the employee, will prepare a general letter which verifies employment with the town. The letter will be addressed "To Whom It May Concern" and may contain the following information:

  • Current job title
  • Department name
  • Original hire date
  • Salary information

If you wish to have additional information released within the contents of the letter, you will need to contact the department. Please allow up to five business days for processing. A copy of the requested letter will be kept in your personnel file.