Abandoned Property Registration


All mortgagees who hold a mortgage on residential real property improved with a single-family dwelling or multifamily dwelling of not more than four dwelling units located within the town are required to register each abandoned / vacant residential property with the town.

Please consult the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's Office website to determine the location of your property. If the property is located in the Town of Palm Beach, the Property Appraiser's Property Control Number will start with 50.

Application Process

On July 13, 2010, the Town Council approved Ordinance No. 18-10, establishing Article VIII of Chapter 42 regarding abandoned real and personal property. Among other things, this chapter establishes the responsibilities for mortgagees concerning registration, maintenance, and security of abandoned real properties. As part of the maintenance you are required to inspect the property on a monthly basis. A separate Registration Form is required for each vacant property, along with the annual registration fee of $150. Checks for the registration fee should be made payable to the Town of Palm Beach. The Planning, Zoning, and Building Department will process all applications.

If the property is owned by a corporation and/or out-of-area mortgagee, a local property management company must be retained and shall inspect the property biweekly to ensure compliance with the requirements of this article and other town code requirements.

If you have any questions about this new ordinance you may contact the Town of Palm Beach Planning, Zoning, and Building Department at 561-838-5431.