2023 Florida Municipal Insurance Trust Partnership Risk & Safety Award Winner

2023 FMIT Partnership AwardThe Town of Palm Beach's Office of Risk Management is very excited to be one of three recipients of a new award program, the 2023 Florida Municipal Insurance Trust Partnership Award. Through the Award, the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT), administered by the Florida League of Cities (FLC), recognizes the Town of Palm Beach's successful insurance processes, risk management efforts and other proactive measures that improve the quality of life in the Town community and working environment. The Town specifically received the Risk & Safety Award, which recognizes the implementation of FMIT Risk & Safety Management frameworks with proven results. The Town will be publicly recognized for this achievement on the FMIT website and in FLC's Quality Cities online magazine.

2023 FMIT Award2023 FMIT Presentation


The Office of Risk Management is responsible for planning, organizing. implementing and directing the activities of the town’s risk management program, including loss control, claims management, and safety. Responsibilities include:

  • Risk retention and risk transfer
  • Claims management and investigations including litigation strategies
  • Review of agreements, contracts, and leases regarding insurance requirements
  • Loss prevention and control programs
  • Comprehensive review of proposed legislation which could impact the town from a risk management perspective.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and to minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses. Ensuring that a comprehensive risk management program is in place that best protects the interests of the town and its employees.