Preparedness Planning

We have a distinct advantage by having to deal with hurricanes, as opposed to dealing with other natural disasters such as tornadoes, landslides, volcanoes, and earthquakes. We have several days advance notice!

  • clipboardPrepare in advance
  • Do not wait for a Hurricane Watch to decide what to do
  • Determine where to go, what to take, and secure valuables, important documents, and your pets
  • Secure your Driver’s License with Palm Beach address or Town of Palm Beach ID Card

The links below provide a wealth of planning information to ensure your family and/or business is prepared for the next storm. You are encouraged to prepare every year (regardless of the forecast) to minimize inconveniences, while positioning your property for the quickest recovery.

Disaster Supply Kit Checklist

Download Hurricane Survival Guide

Businesses Planning Information

State of Florida

Palm Beach County

Create a Hurricane Plan

Pet Owner Resources