Reach 2

Reach2 Pic.jpgProgram Details 

Onondaga Avenue to El Mirasol

FDEP Range Monument R-78 TO R-90+400 (13,660 feet) 

FDEP Designation: 

Critically Eroded

Current Action

  • Design and Permitting for Groin Rehabilitation (expected to get underway in April 2014).
  • Design and Permitting is ongoing for North Ocean Boulevard Seawall Replacement (across from Palm Beach Country Club).

2016 Townwide Physical Monitoring Report, dated February 2017

(R-78 to R-90+400)

Over this monitoring period, the Reach 2 shoreline receded an average of -0.3 feet. Both gains and losses occurred throughout the reach. In total, the reach lost a net volume of -45,046 cubic yards. Volumetric losses were most prominent from R-78 through R-82 within the deeper portions of the profile (in depths from -13.1 feet to -26.5 feet).

Since 1990, the reach has exhibited a net shoreline advance of 47.6 feet, though this gain primarily occurs within the northernmost portion of the reach, between R-78 and R-80. Overall, this reach has lost a net volume of -205,857 cubic yards since 1990 (net inclusive of material placed during this monitoring period). The central portion of Reach 2 exhibits the most significant net long-term loss of volume within the Town and this reach is the only reach that exhibits a net long-term volumetric loss.

FDEP Strategic Beach Management Plan, June 2015 Update
Maintain the Town's restored projects through monitoring and nourishment using sand from offshore sources and upland sources; construct a feeder beach to reestablish littoral transport for Reach 2; and construct restoration projects in environmentally suited areas of Reach 5 and Reach 8. Comply with the Palm Beach Island Beach Management Agreement (BMA), 2013.

Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, 1998 Update

Because of high erosion rates in Reach 2, supplemental sand placement must occur.

Reach 2 Related Shore Protection Board Recommended Actions, November 2009

  • Sand Transfer Plant, Phase II - Installation of a second discharge to be located in Reach 2, south of Reef Road.