Reach 6

Reach6 Pic.jpgProgram Details

170 Feet North of Widener’s Curve to Sloan’s Curve

FDEP Range Monument R-110+100 To R-116+500 (6,685 feet)

FDEP Designation: Critically Eroded

Current Action

  • Continued evaluation and monitoring of existing coastal structures as requested by the SPB.
  • Continue physical monitoring.

2018 Townwide Physical Monitoring Report, January 2019

Reach 6: (R-110+100 to R-116+500)

Over the most recent monitoring period, Reach 6 exhibited a net shoreline recession of 38.4 feet, with the highest recession occurring between R-113 and R-114, with losses of 72 feet at each location. Reach 6 exhibited a net volumetric loss (to the Depth of Closure, DOC) of 360,447 CY. Considerable losses were observed throughout this reach. Since 1990, Reach 6 has exhibited a net shoreline advance of 27.1 feet and volumetric gain of 103,562 (to the DOC).

In general, Reach 6 has remained stable, with a long-term trend of shoreline advance and volumetric gains. Much of this behavior can be attributed to the down-drift effect of the Mid-Town nourishment projects, which have provided a sediment source to both Reaches 5 and 6. The monitoring data suggest that the functional limit of this beneficial down-drift effect occurs within Reach 6, in the vicinity of the FDOT revetment (between R-111 and R-116).

FDEP Strategic Beach Management Plan, Southeast Atlantic Coast Region, May 2018

Strategy: Maintain the Town’s restored projects through monitoring and nourishment using sand from offshore sources and upland sources; construct a feeder beach to reestablish littoral transport for Reach 2; and construct restoration projects in environmentally suited areas of Reach 5 and Reach 8.  Comply with BMA (2013).

Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, 1998 Update

Due to high longshore transport energies evident in this Reach, coupled with the large trough located between 70 and 350 feet from shore and the extensive hardbottom resources, direct placement of sand in this shoreline segment is not recommended.

Reach 6 Related Shore Protection Board Recommended Actions, November 2009

Groin Analysis

Following the Groin Assessment performed, a Town consultant analyzed the functionality of the Town’s groin system. A plan to prioritize rehabilitation was developed for SPB consideration.


Groin Rehabilitation for Reaches 2-6 has been permitted. This item is awaiting future Town Council consideration.

Dune Restoration

Because of the limited amount of sand going into Reach 7 from Reach 6, the condition of the Reach 7 beaches is a SPB concern. With most of the Reach 6 shoreline consisting of nearshore hardbottom resources, a beach nourishment project is not practical. A thought to be considered by the SPB is to cover the revetment with sand, or place dune sand east of the revetment where the opportunity presents itself. Creating a more natural beach and dune profile in Reach 6 may provide a volume of sand during storm events to assist the north end of Reach 7 with storm recovery.


Physical Monitoring is to continue, per BMA-requirement.  No dune restoration projects are planned for Reach 6 per the most recent 10-Year Plan for the Coastal Management Program (for FY20).