Reach 4

Program Details

VIA Bethesda TO 270 Feet South of Banyan Road

FDEP Range Monument R-95 TO R-102+300 (8,065 feet)

FDEP Designation

Critically Eroded

Current Action

  • Beach Nourishment scheduled for winter 2014/2015 (with bid solicitation expected in April 2014).
  • Design and Permitting for Groin Rehabilitation (expected to be underway in April 2014).

2016 Townwide Physical Monitoring Report, dated February 2017

Reaches 3 & 4 (R-90+400 to R-102+300)

This segment comprises both north and south segments of the Mid-Town Beach Renourishment project. Over this monitoring period this reach has exhibited a net shoreline recession of 36.7 feet. Recession was most significant within the central portion of the area from R-95 to R-100. A maximum recession of -167 feet occurred at R-96 in the vicinity of Clarke Avenue. A portion of the recession observed is attributable to anticipated adjustment of the constructed beach profile from the 2015 Mid-Town nourishment project. The observed magnitude, however, is significantly greater than anticipated project related cross-shore adjustment.

This segment exhibited a net volumetric loss of 20,436 cubic yards. A prominent area of volumetric loss occurred between R-92 and R-98 within the area encompassing the Breakers Complex, Clarke Avenue, and the northern portions of the Mid-Town public beach. In total, the volumetric loss in this area was on the order of 132,578 cubic yards. These losses were largely balanced by significant gains to the immediate south within the southern portion of the Mid-Town shoreline segment. This behavior suggests a prominent shift in volume from the central portions of the reach to the immediate south over this monitoring period.

Since 1990, this shoreline segment has exhibited a net increase in volume of 1,278,561 cubic yards and an average advance in shoreline position of 54.7 feet due to direct sand placement. These significant gains are directly attributable to repeated renourishment efforts within this area. These gains occur throughout this shoreline segment including the areas of noted recession within this monitoring period.

FDEP Strategic Beach Management Plan, June 2015 Update

Strategy: Maintain the Town's restored projects through monitoring and nourishment using sand from offshore sources and upland sources; construct a feeder beach to reestablish littoral transport for Reach 2; and construct restoration projects in environmentally suited areas of Reach 5 and Reach 8. Comply with the Palm Beach Island Beach Management Agreement (BMA), 2013

Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan,1998 Update

The management solution is the renourishment of the Mid-Town project. The Mid-Town groin field should be inspected and maintained to support to the beach fill project.

Reach 4 Related Shore Protection Board Recommended Actions, November 2009

FEMA Dune/Beach Sand - To be conducted simultaneously with the FEMA project in Reach 7, the Mid-Town beach (Clarke Avenue Beach to the south end of the Municipal Beach) will receive sand appreciable to the losses attributed from Tropical Storm Fay.


State Permit Issued. Pending receipt of Federal Permit. Contract for construction awarded. Construction expected to begin in December 2010.

Beach Nourishment Permitting

Assuming a seven-year interval for beach nourishment in Reach 3 and 4, the next nourishment should be scheduled for 2013. The permitting for the next beach project in Mid-Town is scheduled to begin in 2011.


Town Council appropriated funds in the FY 2011 budget to begin the permitting effort. A proposal for the work will be presented for SPB recommendation and Town Council approval early in 2011.

Groin Analysis

Following the Groin Assessment performed, a Town consultant is currently analyzing the functionality of the town's groin system. A plan to prioritize rehabilitation will be developed for SPB consideration.