Reach 4

Program Details

VIA Bethesda TO 270 Feet South of Banyan Road

FDEP Range Monument R-95 TO R-102+300 (8,065 feet)

FDEP Designation: Critically Eroded

Current Action

  • Continued Physical Monitoring and implementation of BMA-required monitoring.
  • Continued evaluation and monitoring of existing coastal structures as requested by the SPB.

2018 Townwide Physical Monitoring Report, dated January 2019

Reaches 3 & 4 (R-90+400 to R-102+300)

This segment comprises both north and south segments of the Mid-Town Beach Renourishment Project. Over this monitoring period, the reach exhibited a net shoreline recession of 1.8 feet. Recession was observed between R-90 and R-93 and R-98 and R-102. Significant accretion was observed between R-93 and R-97, with most of the significant shoreline advancement observed at R-95 and R-96 within 116.7 and 103 feet, respectively. This is consistent with previous monitoring, which observed recessions within the central portion of the Mid-Town segment.

This segment exhibited a net volumetric loss of 708,507 CY. Average losses of 54,500 CY were consistently observed at each profile location. Gains were observed above the MHW line between R-92 and R-97, with losses in the extreme northern and southern portions of the Mid-Town shoreline segment. The most significant losses occurred in the nearshore between MHW and the -13.1-foot contour. Observable losses due to Hurricane Irma totaled 481,141 CY to the Depth of Closure for the Mid-Town segment of shoreline (ATM, 2017).

Since 1990, this shoreline segment has exhibited a net increase in volume of 447,487 CY and an average advance in shoreline position of 43.6 feet due to direct sand placement. These significant gains are directly attributable to repealed renourishment efforts within this area. These gains occur throughout this shoreline segment, including in the areas of recession noted within this monitoring period.

FDEP Strategic Beach Management Plan, May 2018

Strategy: Maintain the Town’s restored projects through monitoring and nourishment using sand from offshore sources and upland sources.

Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan,1998 Update

The management solution is the renourishment of the Mid-Town project. The Mid-Town groin field should be inspected and maintained to support to the beach fill project.