Reach 7

Reach7 Pic.jpgProgram Details

Sloan’s Curve to The Ambassador Hotel

FDEP Range Monument R-116+500 TO T-125(8,725 feet)

FDEP Designation:

Critically Eroded

Current Action

  • Partial Beach Nourishment and Dune Restoration scheduled for winter 2014/2015 (with bid solicitation expected in April 2014); to be constructed concurrently with the next Mid-Town Beach Nourishment.
  • Beach Nourishment planned for winter 2015/2016.

2016 Townwide Physical Monitoring Report, February 2017

Reach 7: (R-116+500 to R-128+500)

A major renourishment of the Phipps/Reach 7 area was completed during this monitoring period. This project encompassed all of Reach 7 and included the placement of 1,022,318 cubic yards of sand from a nearshore borrow source. This value does not include stockpiled sand that was utilized for dune construction in Reaches 3 and 8 as part of this nourishment effort.

Over the most recent monitoring period, the Reach 7 shoreline has experienced a net advancement of 119.0 feet with significant gains throughout the reach. Over this monitoring period, Reach 7 gained a net volume of 1,135,581 cubic yards with the greatest gains occurring in the vicinity of Phipps Ocean Park. This gain is attributable to the direct placement of material within the reach.

Since 1990, Reach 7 has exhibited a net average advance of 114.4 feet. The reach has exhibited a net volumetric gain of 1,641,614 cubic yards since 1990. Gains have occurred throughout the reach and are attributable to both the 2016 nourishment effort and a residual volume of sand remaining in the reach from the 2006 nourishment event.

FDEP Strategic Beach Management Plan, June 2015 Update

Strategy: Maintain the Town's restored projects through monitoring and nourishment using sand from offshore sources and upland sources; construct a feeder beach to reestablish littoral transport for Reach 2; and construct restoration projects in environmentally suited areas of Reach 5 and Reach 8. Comply with the Palm Beach Island Beach Management Agreement (BMA), 2013

Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, 1998 Update

Beach fill project and the construction of a groin field.

Reach 7 Related Shore Protection Board Recommended Actions, November 2009

FEMA Dune/Beach Sand

To be conducted simultaneously with the FEMA project in Reach 4, the Phipps Ocean Park engineered beach project area, extending north to the Sloan's Curve area, will receive sand appreciable to the losses attributed from Tropical Storm Fay.